Intengo was founded in 2005 with an entrepreneurial spirit in Istanbul.
Our mission is to help companies achieve their specific business goals.
Our unique strengths are optimizing procurement and investment costs as well as accelerating and improving all kinds of buying operations.

Winner of 2010 "Most Innovative Application" Award

With its innovative and highly technological solutions in e-procurement, e-sourcing, consultancy and asset management selling platform, Intengo was awarded 2010 Most Innovative Application Award by Informatics Association of Turkey. Intengo was mentioned as the leading e-procurement and e-sourcing solutions provider in Turkey, combining its expertise in technology and consulting.

Skilled Team & Powerful SoftwareWe have a highly specialized, globally competitive team that includes best-in class sourcing professionals, business consultants, and software engineers to deliver optimum results for you. Since our start-up we have been expanding our customer base rapidly.

Strong & Reliable Service RecordIntengo has completed more than billion Euros of procurement in various industries, in multiple languages and currencies; ranging from construction to catering and insurance. Our monthly e-sourcing volume is increasing every day.

Intengo. Your problems. Our solutions.

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